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Why today’s world of work needs more flexible family friends..

The first week of September marks the start of the new school term. While for parents of older children this means a frantic rush of sorting out uniforms, arguing over shoes and finding last year’s pencil cases, for parents of children starting school for the first time it is a period of trepidation and excitement. For working parents it also involves trying to juggle school start and finish times and other school-related activities with the […]

Telling people’s stories

Last week was all about social media and emojis. This week has been about talking to people and telling their stories, and I have loved it. One of the reasons I became a journalist was to tell people’s stories, and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed meeting all kinds of different people and listening to them talk about their lives. Over the past few weeks I have been talking to people who have been […]

Why I will always carry a torch for David Beckham

This has been a good time for sports fans, with the World Cup and Wimbledon keeping people glued to their screens indoors rather than enjoying the beautiful weather outside. While I’m well known for my love of tennis (why else would have needed a TV in the office, if not to cheer on Tim, Andy and co at SW19?), I’m rather less enthusiastic about football. Although, thanks to my sons’ patient explanations, I understand the […]